Popcorn FAQ

How much popped popcorn will this make?
Each 1 ounce of raw popcorn should produce enough corn to fill a 1 ounce sleeve bag, about 2 1/2 cups of popped corn.

How much raw corn can I put in my popcorn machine?
The amount of raw corn used depends on your kettle size. Most commercial machines range from 4 oz for home use to 60 oz for large commercial venues.
The instruction book for the machine or often the model number will indicate the kettle size in ounces.
While more corn may fit in the kettle the popped corn may be unsatisfactory as the heat elements may be too small to maintain temperature of larger charges.

How much oil do I need to add to the popcorn machine?
Raw popcorn to oil ratio is always 3 parts raw corn to 1 part oil. ie: 6 oz corn needs 2 oz oil

How much salt should I add?
This is a matter of taste. Try about 1 tsp salt for every 8 oz of raw corn to start and adjust future batches to suit your taste.
Always use a popcorn salt in your kettle as normal table salt is too coarse and will damage your kettle bottom.